Licensing Agreement

Regular License (Single Website License)

Regular License (or also called Single Website License) allows you to use the product worldwide and lifetime. You are allowed to use the product for your single website or your company’s website or your client’s website.

Regular License is only used for a single website, a single domain and cannot be used for multiple websites.

You are permitted:

  • Customize the product, edit the product source code, edit the design to use for a single website.
  • You have right to change the product name, remove credit links, power by links.
  • You are allowed to transfer a final website, resell your final website that using the product.

You are not permitted:

  • Use for multiple websites with a single Regular License.
  • Use the product on other website even you already removed the product on the original website without prior notice and our accept.
  • Redistribute, resell our source code, design or modified source code, design.

If the product is Shopify theme, you can only use for your Shopify based website.

Using the product for other platform is not permitted. For example, you cannot use Shopify theme for your Magento website, You cannot use Shopify theme to extract HTML to use on other platform / CMS.

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